Saturday, 9 November 2013

Bet 88

88.) Dortmund v  Arsenal - LAY 0-0 @ 20.88 (Avg. price)

Two very attacking sides who usually score plenty of goals. Slight reservation about Arsenal's good defensive record recently and them thinking a point would be a good result here. No goals seems highly unlikely.

Dortmund 0-1 Arsenal (+£0.98)

The first half didn't see many chances for either team, although Dortmund had a couple of decent openings. Second half much more attacking play but like I suggested pre-match Arsenal's defense looked strong and held up well against Dortmund. Arsenal scored and won the game to make my bet a winner. Overall don't think it was such a great bet considering the price to lay 0-0 was quite big and the fact there was only one goal in the game. Although second half was open a 0-0 wouldn't have been a total surprise. Not the greatest of bets my pre-bet concerns came true and I really should only bet when I have more confidence in my selection. 2/5

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