Saturday, 9 November 2013

Bet 89

89.) Tottenham v Sherrif - BACK Over 1.5 goals @ 1.14

I watched the reverse fixture between these two sides and it was a very open match that really should have had more than just the two goals in it. Most people would expect a comfortable Tottenham victory here, although Sherrif did set-up attack-minded and had plenty of chances in the reverse fixture but lacked composure in their finishing. Only concern is Tottenham's good defense and that they may settle for a 1-0 victory if they are ahead. This is on the high limit of bets I take on and I don't really want to be backing anything much longer than 1.15 since I'm using 25% stakes at the moment.

Tottenham 2-1 Sherrif (+£2.75)

Was a little concerned after first-half passed rather uneventful.  Tottenham broke the deadlock on the hour mark and I felt confident my bet would win from that point on. The game did open a little more second half and there was chances for both sides. Tottenham's quality won them the game in the end. But I was rightly aware of Sherrif's threat going forward, they hit the post first half and then got a goal in the second half.
Despite the scare of no goals till the hour mark. I think the bet was sound enough despite it not turning into a truly open game there was enough good chances and shots on goals to validate the bet I went with. 3/5

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